Taking the CT Motorcycle Road Test

Well, here's the final episode of, "How the hubby got his motorcycle license."

Since we told them in Bridgeport that we were going to take the road test in Hamden, we thought Hamden was going to send us something.

But after a couple of weeks of waiting, we got nothing, so we decided to call the Hamden DMV.

Then we found out that none of the CT DMV's have phones, just a Phone Center, and all we got was automated answering service. So we had to go to the Hamden DMV personally to make an appointment.

Hamden in return, said they were finished with motorcycle road tests for the year, and we had 3 other locations to choose from. So we chose the Norwalk DMV.

The appointment was made for 5 days from then. The day before the appointment, we got the appointment letter in the mail.

CT Motorcycle Road Test Norwalk CT

We had to take the van because when you have a Learner's Permit, you're not allowed to ride on the Merritt Parkway, or when it's dark. We loaded up the motorcycle in the van and the next morning at 6 am, we drove to Norwalk. The appointment was set for 8 am. We went inside and they said that the testing was 2 1/2 miles further down on Main St. and wasn't going to start for 2 1/2 more hrs. So we took the van and the motorcycle down there to wait.

There were 7 other guys there too. Vlad was chosen as the last to get tested. This worked out well, because we could watch what everybody else did, and did wrong. When it was his turn, he said it was easy, but several of the guys had problems with the cones because their motorcycles were so big. Vlad recommends if you are going to take the Connecticut Motorcycle Road Test, that you practice making tight circles on your motorcycle and quick stops. He passed and so can you!

They took his Driver's License, his nice Learner's Permit, and in return gave him another Driver's License with a Motorcycle Endorsement. The Endorsement is iridescent, and you can't really see it unless you hold it in the light a certain way. Good Luck! Amount of time spent at DMV Thursday to take the motorcycle road test and and get a new motorcycle license = 5 hrs.

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How we got our Connecticut Motorcycle License


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