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Things to Do in MA
Massachusetts Attractions

Boston Attractions

Massachusetts Restaurants

MA All You Can Eat Buffets - A listing of the All You Can Eat buffets in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Hotels

MA Hotels and Resorts - A listing of hotels and motels across the state of Massachusetts.
Boston Hotels - A listing of hotels in the city of Boston

Massachusetts Directions

MA Interstate 195 Exits - Exit information for Interstate 195 from Providence RI to Cape Cod.

Visit Cape Cod MA

Last Minute Travel - Why are all of our trips "at the last minute"?
Martha's Vineyard Ferry - Pictures and information at the ferry landing at Woods Hole.
Cape Cod Beaches - Fees and seasonal information and links to

Cape Cod Motels

Popular hotels in Cape Cod.
Cape Cod Lodging - a listing of some motels, bed and breakfasts and inns
CapeCod Campgrounds - We only know of two campgrounds in Cape Cod.
Provincetown Inn - What's at the tip of Cape Cod? The Proveincetown Inn!

Cape Cod Restaurants

Cookes Seafood - A seafood restaurant where we ate dinner in Orleans.
Cape Cod Restaurants - A listing of restaurants we saw on our trip to Cape Cod.

Visit Provincetown

Provincetown MA - All the way at the tip of Cape Cod, a tourist hotspot!
Commercial Street - Shop till you drop in all the quaint little shops.
Provincetown Trolley - Take a short tour and see all the popular attractions.
Provincetown Shopping - Some of the shops we spotted while there.
Provincetown Restaurants - Popular restaurants, nightclubs and bars.
Provincetown Beaches - Are there any?
Beachfront Motels - There are soooo many, and they require a 2 day stay.
Whydah Pirate Museum - A shipwreck museum in Provincetown MA.
The Tip of Cape Cod - See pictures of the tip of Cape Cod.
National Seashore - Sand dunes, sand dunes, and more sand dunes... and beaches!

One of our last minute travels was to Provincetown Cape Cod, we stayed at the Beachfront White Sands Motel. Check it out! The owners name is Jason, and we talked with him for awhile about the accommodations in Provincetown. He told us that Provincetown motels and resorts have a two day minimum stay, (but the rates are really low for the off season.) So if you have never been to Provincetown, GO! You won't be disappointed.


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