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Provincetown Travel
the Tip of Cape Cod MA

This first picture is the sign as you're entering Provincetown via Hwy 6a.

We have just left our beach motel and it's early in the morning.

All along Hwy 6a is nothing but motel after motel after motel. You just wouldn't believe it.

But it is so exciting being here! It looks like we're in for a fun day!

Welcome to Provincetown MA

Right before you reach Provincetown is this very scenic stretch of highway. What you see in the distance is Provincetown. We were so excited about going there, because we saw a peek of Provincetown last night, with all the activity and colored lights on Commercial St.

Provincetown Cape Cod MA

So, now it is Sunday. We stopped at the first little restaurant we could find, and it was called Tip and Tops'n. Even though it was a small restaurant, there were four waitresses there, and they seemed excited and very able to handle, the crowds for the day.

First stop... Commercial Street

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