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Whydah Pirate Museum
Provincetown Cape Cod MA

At first we had a hard time locating the Whydah museum.

The reason why, was because we were pronouncing it wrong.

We would ask people where the Whydah pirate ship museum was, pronouncing it as it is spelled.

Then we found out it was pronounced "Whidah" and the "i" is short, not like a "y" Anyway, we finally found it located at the end of the huge Provincetown pier.

Whydah Pirate MuseumMA

We hung around at the Harbormasters hut, waiting for the Whydah museum to open. As you can see it is still early in the morning on a Sunday. Not many people are out and about yet. So I busied myself taking pictures of everything else, like the Boston Harbor Fast Ferry signs and the schooners in the harbor, and a building on the other side of the pier that had 3 wall size photographs of, no doubt, some very important women.

Whydah Pirate Expedition

When the museum opened we went inside to a pirate gift shop that was really cool and loaded with whatever type of pirate information and souvenirs you could ask for. It is $8.00 a person to get into the museum. I was under the impression that the Whydah pirate ship was on display here somewhere, but it is not, the Whydah is still at the bottom of the oceanside of the Cape Cod Bay.

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