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Make a Vacation Scrapbook

Save the little mementos, torn tickets and brochures of your vacation to make a vacation scrapbook.

You can even make one while you are traveling, and then when you get back home, you won't have to try to remember what you did.

This is a good idea to keep your little ones occupied especially in the motel room.

You can have them build a page a day on what happened that day.

If you took pictures of a certain tourist spot, or restaurant where you ate, leave a space on the page for a picture. If you can access a 1 hr photo developing, even better. Here's an idea. Buy several disposable cameras, and let your kids take their own pictures!

Basic Scrapbook Materials:

Scrapbook or scrapbook pages
Vacation keepsake items
Glue stick or doublesided tape
Variety of pens and markers
Decorative scissors - if possible

Get Some Brochures
The first thing you need to do, is to stop at the Visitor Centers and grab brochures of where you are going to vacation. And even the hotel or motel where you stay will have some brochures.

Arrange Items on the Page
Begin by arranging your items on the scrapbook pages. To prevent the pages from becoming cluttered, position items so there are only one or two photos per page.

Glue the photos on
1. Start with some photos, and crop them if you want.
2. Cut background paper for the photo, a little larger, and out of a different colored paper, making any shape you want.
3. Stick the photos to the backgrounds with the double-sided tape or a glue stick.
4. Then glue the photo with the background in place on the page.

Use Your Travel Brochures
Cut up your travel brochures! Add the scenic pics (that you forgot to take pictures of) from the vacation travel brochure, and stick them on the pages too, around your photos. You can use the brochures lettering, cut titles and paragraphs out of the brochure, and that will add more significance to where you went and where you stayed.

Personalize it
Write in dates, where it was at, what you did or something funny that happened with decorative pens. Use either colorful pieces of cut construction paper, or write directly on the page. Each child can make their own scrapbook, and you'll be surprised how they will treasure it throughout the years. See more child travel tips

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