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The History of the Twin Towers
Narragansett Bay RI

In the early 1900's there was a pier and casino here in at Narragansett Bay.

In the top picture the historical twin towers are still standing, which is the only thing left from days gone by.

Below the twin towers is a very popular romantic restaurant called the Coast Guard House. It's crowded all summer long.

The twin towers was originally part of a much larger building.

The Twin Towers were actually the grand entrance into the ballroom section of a casino. The main building of the Casino included stores that were rented out for income, dining rooms, cafes, parlors, a billard room, a reading room, and an assembly hall that was also used as a theatre and ballroom.

So you can understand why this would attract the well-to-do, and become the summer tourist hotspot.

Narragansett Twin Towers

On Sept 12, 1900 a fire broke out in the Rockinham Hotel, north of the Narragansett towers and swept the whole area. It destroyed the Casino, and the only thing left was the towers.

The ruins were repaired in 1908-09, but remained vacant until 1924. The Depression of the 1930's kept the towers vacant and not until 1963 was a space rented for a snack bar in the lower East Tower. But tragedy struck again in 1965. The towers burned again. The amazing thing is that the Towers also survived the Hurricane of 1938, New England's storm of the century. Read History

Narragansett view

This next picture was taken standing on the pier by the Starboard Galley Roadside Snack Shop. As you can see it's low tide. Are the waves always this calm? When the tide comes in, the waves will get higher.

More Pictures of Narragansett

Okay here's some cool pictures of Narragansett Bay. This picture was taken standing next to the Coast Guard House Restaurant and the view is towards Narragansett Town beach.

-View of Narragansett Beach... Narragansett Beach
-Picture of the waves on the beach... Beach waves
-The town beach pavillion... pavillion
-A picture taken towards the Twin Towers from the beach... view of Twin Towers
-A closer view of the stones of the towers... closeup view
-Twin Towers in the morning...sunrise... Twin Towers morning
-Twin Towers in the evening... Twin Tower lights
-The twin towers visitors center... visitors center
-A look at the roof of the twin towers... roof
-The Narragansett Town Seal... Town Seal

Driving Directions:

If you are coming East from CT, Exit 3a from I-95, which is the University of Rhode Island, Newport Bridge exit, Hwy. 138, follow 138 about 11 miles (you'll be going through Kingston) keep following 138 and you'll come to a large intersection with a Mobil gas station on your right, this is Hwy. 1.

Make a right at the Hwy. 1 intersection then start watching for signs. Once you exit Narragansett on the right, at the end of the exit, make a left. There will be a rotary, so go slow and follow the rotary around, taking the Hwy. 1 A. Now follow this road till it dead ends.

You will see the big condos in front of you and a grocery store is in that parking lot straight ahead called the Pier Market. But to get to the beach, turn left and follow it to the end. If you are traveling on Hwy. Route 1 from Charlestown
Coming from Providence? Exit Hwy. 4 south, follow it south to Hwy. 1, keep going straight and watch for signs, especially after you pass Wakefield, RI

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