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Newport Mansions, RI
Newport Tourist Attractions

There are so many mansions in Newport because, this was the summer playground for the rich.

This photo I was able to take just driving by.

The sun was setting, so I knew that the it was too latre in the evening to take pictures.

The best time to take pictures of the mansions in Newport is early in the morning when the shadows are not so harsh.

Newport  MansionAs you know, mansions originally were owned by one family. Why are they not still owned by one family today?

The answer lies in the fact that when the settlers came from England, and they did not bring with them the tradition of passing on the estate to the oldest son.

Therefore, when the elders died, all the children argued over who was going to get what, and the estates became split and sold. Some were bought by religious institutions and some by charities.

See a map of the Newport Mansions.

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Other tourist attractions in Newport include the historical
Old Stone Mill
on Mill St
Trinity Church on Spring St. (401) 846-0660
The Wanton-Lyman Hazard House at 17 Broadway (401) 846-0813
Bowens Wharf (401) 849-2243
Hunter House at 54 Washington St. (401) 847-1000
The International Tennis Hall of Fame 194 Bellevue Ave. Newport, RI 02840 (401) 849-3990

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