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I don't know why, but when we went to Block Island, we had a difficult time finding some place to eat.

The few restaurants they had were packed all the time, so we had to eat either earlier or later in the evening.

If we would have had this list, then at least we would have known where the restaurants were located.

Here's the addresses and phone numbers too, but I can't guarantee they are still correct, because thing change so fast.

The Oar - West Side Rd Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-8820

GR Sharky's - Corn Neck Rd Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-9900

Albion Pub - Ocean Ave Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-9990

Winfield's - Corn Neck Rd Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-5855

Harborside Inn - 211 Water St Block Island, RI (401) 466-5504

Ernie's Old Harbor Restaurant - Water St Block Island (401) 466-2473

Water Street Cafe - Water St Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-5540

Nightclubs and Pubs

Water Street Inn - 211 Water St Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-2605

Driftwood Guest House - High St Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-5548

Yellow Kittens - High St Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-5855

Highview Hotel - 100 Connecticut Ave (401) 466-5912

Manisses Hotel - 52 Spring St Block Island, RI 02807 (401) 466-2836

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