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Purgatory Chasm Newport, RI

There are lots of scenic attractions in Newport.

One place to visit is Purgatory Chasm.

We suspect that is is actually located in Middletown though.

Anyway, it's a cool place to check out. It's like a giant split rock.

You can view it from a wooden bridge they built over it.

As many times as we have been to Newport, RI, we've never stopped here.

Newport Purgatory Chasm

Now that we did stop on this last trip, it was worth it, even though there is only parking for about 12 cars, and a 30 minute time limit. But 30 minutes is enough to stop and take in a great scenic view.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived was that it is a popular romantic location. A couple was there enjoying the scenic view. It would also be a great place to watch the sunrise in all its magnificent colors.

We also noticed that the rock formations are really different, like millions of small stones compressed to made huge boulders.

Then we followed the path to the wooden bridge and viewed Purgatory Chasm. It is really cool looking and deep.

We followed the path that continued on the other side of the bridge, and saw a surfer paddling away from the Chasm. We thought it strange that we didn't see him a few minutes before, when we were viewing the Chasm.

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