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Fort Adams State Park in Newport

Newport is a fantastic place for a vacation! It's so scenic, and they have so many quaint little places to shop.

If you're not a beach goer you can tour all the mansions, and be sure to check out Fort Adams State Park.

The first picture is Newport Harbor taken from a hill at Fort Adams during the summer.

The view reminds me of white polka dots on royal blue water. If you like going to the beach, there is a small secluded beach there for you to enjoy.

Fort Adams State Park

Stroll around, and view all the beautiful surroundings. At Fort Adams State Park they have old cannons, and you can read the history of what happened there(interesting) and they have tours to check out the inside of the fort.

Fort Adams

The fort that you see now was built from 1824 to 1857. The huge stones were shipped in from Maine, and the brickwork inside the fort took thousands upon thousands of bricks. Even though it has never stood the test of war, it serves as a reminder of days past, very historic! Find some Newport Lodging Also see Newport Bridge & Harbor

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