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Middletown Rhode Island Restaurants

When you go to Middletown RI to dine, you're in for a real treat.

Several restaurants are listed below which are our favorites.

Atlantic Grille Diner

Here's a popular diner along the strip in Middletown.

If we go to Newport early in the morning we stop here at the Atlantic Atlantic Grill RestaurantGrille because they serve only for breakfast and lunch, and have a fantastic breakfast menu.

Several menu items are named First beach, Second, or Third beach. It's really cool, and so good.

This is one place we look forward to going to, but it's not a big restaurant, so you have to get there early.

Flo's Clam Shack

Flo's Clam ShackFlo's Clam Shack is a good place to get some seafood. They have been famous for their clams since 1930.

We got the Fisherman's Platter, and sat outside at the picnic tables to enjoy the view and all the excitement. They also have a bar upstairs.

You order outside on the side of the building, and then go inside to pick up your order. Lots of fun, but can get pretty busy during the summer.

Their sign says, Thurs. thru Sun. Specials, Fish and Chips $5.25, Scallop pl $6.95, and Chowda Combo $3.95

KJ's Pub and Restaurant

KJ's Pub and RestaurantKJ's Pub and Restaurant is located on the Middletown strip, but we haven't eaten there yet. It looks like a romantic place to dine though.

Their sign says, Happy Hour Buffet, Fri. 4 to 6, Prime Rib Fri. & Sat. $15.95, Smoke Free Upstairs

Driving Directions:

If you are traveling I-95 in Rhode Island, view our information of what's at the Interstate 95 Exits. View Newport area map

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