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May 23, 2007
Well, you're just not going to believe this. Vlad and I moved to the small town of Tripp SD in Southern South Dakota. So I don't know how much we'll be able to update the New England site any more.

However, if you plan on traveling to see Mount Rushmore or do some goldpanning in the Black Hills, we are building a new website of our travel trips in North and South Dakota. Be sure to visit to see what we are up to.

December 2006
Where will we be in December?

November 2006
We have plans to visit relatives in Indiana, and maybe head to Nevada and New Mexico? Hmmm... I don't know, our friends bought an RV and are heading out, and want us to go with them.

October 2006
We stayed two nights in the Berkshires Oct. 5th and 6th to take pictures of Pittsfield, Mass and the new Patriot Suites.
Unfortunately we were sick the whole time we were there But we did have fun in the outdoor jacuzzi, and they have a great pool.

Then to top it all off, I accidentally deleted all the pictures from my external harddrive from 2006. I could just cry. The only thing I have left is the video of the suite where we stayed. View it here.
Oct. 10th: They finally put DSL in our neighborhood, and we got hooked up, and what a joy it's been! We been playing with making videos, and hope to add some to the New England Site soon. I played around with the Alpaca pictures, view the video on the Alpaca page.
Oct 21st: We went back to Brooklyn CT. I took a video of a turkey farm near there. See the video on UTUBE
Oct. 28th Enjoy!

September 2006
We are spending two nights in Atlantic City NJ on Sept. 8 and 9th. Read about our roadtrip to South New Jersey
Sept 15th: We just returned from a visit to Brooklyn CT, and staying with friends. We ate breakfast in Oxford Mass, and they took us to see the Brimfield Antique Show, and we went to see Old Sturbridge Village. Added a page on the Alpaca Blanket my friend gave me. There is an Alpaca Farm in Hampton Connecticut.

August 2006
In August we headed for Lake George in New York, and spent two days at the Lake George Battlefield Campground. Then headed back to Maine for a visit with friends. On the way back we stopped a Weirs Beach in New Hampshire, and stayed with a friend in Cohoes NY

July 2006
When we returned from Florida, we repacked and headed for a week in Cape Cod. Spent four days at Nickerson State Park and the Dennisport Motel. Took a tour of the Provincetown Tower, and went to see the Museum of Natural History. After leaving Cape Cod we drove up the Mass coastline and headed into Maine. Built for someplace to put our pictures.

June 2006
Took a roadtrip to Florida, and checked out as many tourist hotspots as we could. Start reading about our Florida Roadtrip here.

Lost the Forum in May
Yep, you read right, the forum is gone. Our server did some kind of upgrade to a new system and we lost it. So sorry all! I don't know if we'll start another one, still thinking about it.

So what have we been doing?
The past couple of months I have been building some hotel pages for the New England Site. People need a place to stay when they come here, and hopefully these pages will help them find a spot to sleep too.

For instance when we travel, it always seems to be like "spur of the moment" We just decide to get up and go. Like when we went to Cape Cod, we didn't even have reservations in Provincetown, and everything was massively booked and it was already off season. We lucked out though and found a beach motel at the last minute, like 9 o'clock at night. We don't recommend anybody do this... too scary!

So anyway these pages are for your convenience and our convenience. I have finished the Connecticut motels, the Rhode Island hotels, and I am working on some Cape Cod hotels, and wow, there's a ton of them.

This month I'm going to try to add more content to the Cape Cod pages, because some I just slapped a picture up. Oh well... I hope you enjoy browsing our pics and reading our stories.

It's Oct.! What have we been doing?
Hahaha, yeah, well I haven't been posting in awhile. So what's up? Other than working on some hotel pages and adding some of my holiday recipes on my Easy Country Cooking site, and... babysitting the grandbaby Alannah. She had a birthday too and is now 1 year old.Time just seems to keep flying by, and I suspect that I have been getting behind in my posting of our trips. Well, it will be a long winter. So I have lots I can catch up on. I have pics of the Indian Well Motorcycle Run from Sept. 25th, and a trip to the Milford Mall. A trip to Bridgeport. Our trip to Foxwoods. Our camping trip to Camp Claire and more.

Going to Cape Cod today
It''s Saturday and we''re leaving for Cape Cod on the motorcycle, just to take pictures. Since it''s about a 3 hr trip from here in Shelton, we won''t be back till late, or we may find a motel by the beach for the night.

Update: Well we made it all the way to the very tip of Cape Cod, spent the night in a Beach Motel in Provincetown, and came back with about 500 pictures of Cape Cod. So let me take a breather here and I'll see what kind of cool pics I have for your viewing enjoyment. The first thing I have to show you is the map of the trip. See map to Cape Cod

We just took Interstate 95 all the way thru CT. The dark green line starts with going through Rhode Island. We went via Newport to Buzzards Bay, then crossed the Bourne Bridge. Followed Hwy 28 to Hwy 6 and north to the tip of Cape Cod.On the way back, the light green route is Hwy 6A and the extra miles we traveled to get pictures of Rhode Island's beaches.

The highlights of our trip include the Martha's Vineyard Ferry and Provincetown.Well, I started some of the pages but they are not near being finished yet. Start here with Our last minute travel to Cape Cod. That was a long trip!

Cruising to Westport CT
On Labor Day we hopped on the motorcycle and cruised to Westport CT, just to take some pictures for you. But I''ll have to post them later because today I have to babysit for my grandbaby Alannah. So come back and see our trip pictures!

Update: We took the Merritt Parkway east and Exited the Black Rock Turnpike, headed south to Hwy 1 and then to Westport, passed Westport without realizing it, and turned around in Norwalk to go back to Westport. When we left Westport we turned South on Compo Beach Rd took pictures of Compo Beach, and made our way following the shoreline to Southport, and took more pictures of Southport beach, and thenheaded back because it was starting to get dark... Map of the Trip to Westport CT

Still working
Working on another one of our sites. Namely our Connecticut wedding site. Cleaned it up and added new content on receptions. Turned all the pages to .shtml so hope that doesn''t hurt the traffic. Also removed our daughters babyshower pages, to it''s own new domain. Friday we did a roadtrip to Foxwoods Casino so I''ll be adding those pictures shortly. (as I find time during Labor Day weekend) Trying to get the hubby to go somewhere today.

Added Gillette Castle Pictures
Well, I have got to get these pictures on the New England Site, but I really have too many pictures! I think I will leave the pictures larger on the main site. I save them in Photoshop as high jpgs. so as not to lose too much quality. So I hope you have a good computer and fast internet speed to be able to view the pictures without them taking so long to load.

First I added our Ferry Trip to Gillette Castle, then I saw that the visitor's center would make a whole page, so here is Gillette Castle Visitor's Center. Added Abbott's Lobster Restaurant in Noank CT

Added our Mystic River Cruise
Today I added pictures of our Mystic Cruise on the Sabino Steamboat and Mystic Seaport

Added Narragansett Pictures
Today I'm adding some Narragansett pictures. I thought I had already posted some, but I guess not. I am also going to fix the motel pages for RI, and make the pictures larger. I have no clue why I made them so small. Sometimes you will find that there isn't any text with the pictures, just a title. I will add text as I can, but I may have to go back later and add text. I'm posting alot of pictures in various categories, I'm way behind in posting them, so be patient, and come back often to see the new pictures. Also added Hammonasset Campground Pictures

8-14-05 New England Beaches
Well, since I'm sitting around today, (because it's too hot to go anywhere) I think I'll cool off by adding some pictures of some New England beaches we have to the forum.The nice thing about the forum is I can add more pictures then building a regular page, and I can make the pictures bigger. : ) I wonder if I should make a new category for these beaches. The forum is turning into a regular "picture gallery" of all my excess pictures.

8-13-05 Added VT and NH hotels
Well, to expand on the site a little I added some more hotels. You need places to stay when you come to New England! The lists are of the popular hotels, but I will be adding motels as I find out about them. We don't travel that far north too much...yet. Today is Saturday, and we're going out for a motorcycle ride up towards the MA CT border. I'll take the camera of course and snap some pictures of interesting or scenic places for you. It's kind of hot out today, but I packed us a picnic and we're getting ready to go.

Fixed Navigation on Milford and New York site
Today I''ve been all day on the computer fixing stuff. First I spent some time on the hotel pages and added our logo. Then I changed the background colors to blue on the New York site, and got rid of the orange. Check it out. Then I fixed the navigation on the Milford CT site. I didn''t realize that some pages were not linked to the index. Duh.Then on our Canada trip pages, I added a list of hotels in Niagara Falls on the Canada side, and fixed the navigation. There sure is alot of hotels on the Canada side! So now hopefully things are looking better, and visitors will have an easier time browsing pages.Guess I better run a link check to make sure all the links are working. Bye.

8-10- 05 Added List of MASS Hotels
Well, today is my daughter's birthday and I took her out to lunch at the Riverside restaurant north of Derby on Hwy 34. I'll have to make a page about this restaurant, it is sooo cool. Lunch at the Riverside Restaurant

Later in the evening, I added a page of Massachusetts Hotels and that sure was hard and time consuming, because there are so many of them. Each city is linked to an information page where you can view rates and see pictures. This may help people later when the skiing starts. I went ahead and added the MA city hotels in Cape Cod to the Cape Cod Lodging page. Many thanks to IHS for letting me use the information that the hotels gave them, for people to make reservations

Starting a News Log for the New England Site
We're going to try to keep a log from now on, on additions and changes we make to the New England Site. I already use a notebook, but typing it in here would be just as easy. The New England Site is getting HUGE, and it''s starting to make me nervous with making sure all the links work and stuff. It''s turning into quite a challenge. The New England Site has just celebrated it''s one year anniversary. : )

This website is based on our own travels to New England.
Therefore, the information on hotels, restaurants, things to do, etc. may change.

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