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What's Inside Mohegan Sun?
Connecticut Attractions

Are you just a little bit curious as to what's inside Mohegan Sun?

Well, you are in luck! We have a few pictures.

We didn't know it was okay to take pictures inside of Mohegan Sun, until we were about ready to leave.

Then we saw other people taking pictures, and asked if it was okay. They said yes, but absolutely NO VIDEO cameras.

So, this first picture is in the Mohegan Sun bar area by the waterfall. It looks so cool, and you can sit there and sip your drinks, to the sound of rippling water.

Mohegan Sun bar

The second picture is of a huge glass sculpture that everyone that passes tosses their coins at for Good Luck. The bottom of the sculpture has a pond, and is full of all kinds of change.

Mohegan Sun Sculpture

When they toss the coins at the sculpture the coins make a tinkling sound all the way down. I hope someday you'll be able to visit Mohegan Sun. It's worth the trip!

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