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Seaside Park Lighthouse
Bridgeport CT

This is the first time we have ever taken the time to explore Seaside Park in Bridgeport since moving to Connecticut.

The lighthouse located at the end of the jetty is very old, and just taking a walk out to the lighthouse can be fun and exciting.

Bridgeport Seaside Park Lighthouse

But don't go on a cool windy day, like we did! This top picture was taken while it was low tide.

The stones are evenly placed an as you walk toward the lighthouse, if you'll look down on the stones, you'll see the scratchings of people's names from the past.

The earliest date we saw, is on this stone it says, E. BROOKS 1902.

Lighthouse stone

This lighthouse has recently been restored after vandals had spray painted graffiti all over it. There is an old foundation nearby which belonged to the Lighthouse Keeper.

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