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Southford Falls State Park
Oxford, Southbury, CT

Nature Picture of Southford FallsHere's some great pictures of New England in the Fall. If you like nature, waterfalls, and hiking, then go on a day trip to Southford Falls in Connecticut.

This is a very scenic place to go, and you'll get some great pictures.

The fall foliage is very colorful, and you'll love walking the trails that run along the waterfall and brook.

This is a very popular spot for Southbury's early morning walkers.

The pond and nature

You'll see a large pond when you turn into the park, and there is a huge field where people spread a blanket or play Frisbee. If you walk around the pond, there are more trails that will take you uphill to a scenic overlook.

You can tell this pond is a favorite fishing spot, because there are little worn areas all along the pond where people would stand and fish. There is no swimming allowed, but it's a perfect place to take the kids to try their luck at fishing and to give them some playtime in nature.

Walking your dog

One day early in the morning we came here, and saw people bringing their dogs for a walk. It was in the Fall, and a foggy mist was lifting from the pond. Dewdrops were sparkling on the leaves. It's nice basking in the peacefulness of New England nature.

The waterfalls

Southford  CT WaterfallsThe Southford waterfalls is a result of the overflow of this pond, just follow the path to your right from the parking lot. Off in the distance you'll spot the covered bridge and want to go there immediately.

But instead, sit for a while by the waterfall and relax, listening to it ripple and flow. The path to the covered bridge is well worn, and may have been a road a one time.

The trails go off in different directions on the other side of the covered bridge. If you venture down further there is an old foundation that may have been a mill at one time.


We don't remember seeing any snack bars, maybe they were just closed for the season, because there is a small building there. So pack a picnic and snacks anyway, because there isn't any restaurants or gas stations around.When we were there, all we saw was a porta-potty.

Traveling Tip

When you head to Southford Falls (from Derby) you're going to find yourself in Quaker Farms country, which is very scenic and historic. But, if you try to find Quaker Farms, I mean the Farm itself, it doesn't exist, so don't waste your time driving around and getting lost looking for a farm called Quaker Farms. We did that thinking there would be a gift shop or some kind of historical museum type farm, and could find nothing, and yes, we got lost.

I just realized why they called it Southford Falls! It's because the park is located between Southbury and Ox ford. : )

Driving Directions:

From Derby We take Hwy. 34 north out of Derby (very scenic road along the Housatonic River) to Hwy. 188, then make a right. (Don't drive too fast or you'll miss this turn) Follow this highway 188 for a couple miles, and you'll come to a rotary. Go around the rotary and continue on 188 heading north, which is Quaker Farms Rd. Follow this road staying to the right (when you come to that Y in the road) then go a couple more miles, and the park will be on your right.
From Route 8 going north: Another way is to Exit 22 off of Route 8 in Seymour, at the end of the ramp make a left. Go to the next intersection, Hwy. 67 and make a left. Follow Hwy. 67 about 10 miles till you see the turn for Hwy. 188 south, Southford Falls, then make a left. Follow Hwy. 188 a couple miles, till you see the park on the left.
From Route 8 going south: Do the same as above, just make a right turn at the end of the Exit 22 ramp, getting on Hwy. 67, then follow above directions.

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