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Captain's Cove Titanic Club
1 Bostwick Ave.
Bridgeport, CT

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After viewing the restaurant and menu we went upstairs because we had heard that a replica of the Titanic had been built by the employees.

Not only did we see their Titanic, but we also noticed the bar was built around a replica of a tugboat called The Mary Ellen Carter.

Captain's Cove Titanic Club

Their bar is now called the Titanic Club. Every weekend they feature a Raw bar with oysters and clams. They have so much going on all summer long. See the restaurant

They have a large carpeted deck outside with tables and umbrellas. The marina was very scenic from this perspective, and I couldn't take enough pictures. There is a large screen TV, and this area could easily accommodate a party.

Captain's Cove outside deck

See the pictures of the Captain's Cove Marina and the cute little Souvenier Shops

Driving Directions

The directions to Captain's Cove are simple. On I-95 from north or south, Exit 26 to Bostwick Ave. following their well placed signs. Captain's Cove is also close to the Ferry and Memorial Seaside arch and the Bridgeport beach, so you could visit there too.

Captain's Cove Titanic Club
1 Bostwick Ave. Bridgeport, CT 06605
Tel. (203) 335-1433

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