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Stratford Lighthouse CT

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Here's a picture of the Stratford lighthouse at Stratford Point in Connecticut.

It is located in Lordship, which is a suburb of Stratford to the south.

The lighthouse is very colorful, being painted red and white and appears to be well maintained by the US Coast Guard and helps in the navigation of Long Island Sound. It was established in 1822 (accorrding to a well placed sign there).

There is no place really to park there, unless you pull off the road by the fenceline. The view closeup is not too good because as you see in the picture there are large trees in front of it. The surrounding property is privately owned, and marked no trespassing.

Stratford Lighthouse

So one view is taken from a small beach down from the lighthouse, I guess they call it Lordship beach? The residents there take care of the beach and there really isn't much parking either. Lots of "No Parking" signs. They put these up to keep moderate control of the beach. How did we get these pictures of the Stratford Lighthouse then? Well, we were zooming by on our motorcycle.

View of Stratford CT lighthouse


The lighthouse is located on a deadend street. Exit 32 off of I 95. Make a right at the light which is Main St. or Hwy.113. Follow Hwy.113 south past the Sikorsky airport, and make a left at the light. Follow this street till it ends. You'll see a sign that says "Deadend" Just follow this road to get a quick closeup view of the lighthouse.

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